We are Morningbell

10 Year Anniversary!
One late night in late 2003, the members of a modestly popular Gainesville band called “Future Feels Good” had an unofficial meeting in the living room of their then house on the corner of SW 26th Street and University Avenue. As the endless stream of cars washed by on University, they broke out a dictionary. The goal was to find a new band name by randomly turning to a page and finding a suitable word to serve as such. They had decided the new name should sound neutral so no inference could be drawn from it (people always thought the old band name was Christian).

After several minutes of this, the band had nothing to show for their efforts. Once they realized they had already turned to the pages containing “car,” “police,” and “zeppelin,” they changed their approach. Turning to their CD collections, they scoured the track listings for suitable names. After some time, they came across Radiohead’s Kid A. Track 9 immediately stuck out.

Morning Bell.

It was neutral, vague, and somewhat pretty. In fact, you could say it had a nice ring to it (BOOO!). In case people accused the band of ripping Radiohead off, they could always fall back on the perfect explanation that Radiohead took their name from the Talking Heads song “Radio Head.”

From that moment forward, we were Morning Bell. We bought stickers to place over our old albums notifying the prospective buyers of the new name and never looked back. Eventually, we tightened it to one word, “Morningbell.” As we changed names, we arguably changed our sound, attitude, and overall approach to live music. We entered the market for strobe lights. We wrote songs about outer space that had better melodies and better song structure than before. We also started working on a tight live presentation of the songs that would hopefully leave audiences impressed.

Essentially, we started to grow up.

Now, here we are 10 years later, having released 6 albums and 3 EPs, performed over 100 shows in Gainesville, and ventured on 7 US tours. Nothing would be more fitting to commemorate such a decade of music than a greatest hits collection.

Therefore, we introduce “Faster Songs With Shorter Names: Morningbell’s Greatest Hits Volume 1.” In addition to the hits, the album will include some unreleased material. It will be available for $5 on all e-outlets on November 19, 2013. T shirts of the album art will also be made!

Faster Songs

Bôa Noite!!!
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Boa Noite

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There will only be 200 copies made and it WILL sell out. Don’t be the only kid on your block without one.



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Video for Hats Off To You, Josephine Baker!!!